Tatarstan Chapter

World UAV Federation Contact: Mr. Ramil Yarullin
Cell Phone: +7-843-236-40-74
Photo of Tatarstan Chapter


WUAVF Tatarstan is the Russian Chapter of WORLD UAV FEDERATION which was established in June 2018. Operating in Kazan, Russia as a non-profit and non-governmental organization serves as the UAVs industry official hub and international networking platform, with the mandate to foster growth and facilitate further development of Unmanned Systems in the area of agriculture. As the first Chapter of WUAVF in Russia, the Tatarstan Chapter focuses on the promotion of Unmanned Systems by facilitating the exchange of information regarding concerned technologies, regulations and policies, best practices, training options and much more between industry manufacturers, government authorities, universities, R & D centers, agriculture companies.

Mr. Ramil Yarullin the president of the Tatarstan Chapter of the World UAV Federation has 17+ experience in government institutions, banks, business. He has higher education in aviation. More than 5 years are the director of Factory of Healthy Products, one of the leaders of the agricultural overworking companies in the region. More than 1500 acres have own fields and 3000 square meters production, the products are on sale in 30,000 shops in Russia and for export. Being dedicated to the mission and vision of the World UAV Federation he is working intensely to support the local drone industry and grow the spectrum of activities of the Tatarstan Chapter.