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World UAV Federation Contact: Pertti Jalasvirta
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Mr.PERTTI JALASVIRTA, President of Finland Chapter of World UAV Federation (WUAVF), Cyberwatch Finland partner

Pertti’s + 30 years of work history is proof of his solid background of professional expertise in government affairs, resource management, administrative management, planning of organizational development in military medicine, education and hospital relations, as well as CBRN protection and training of security, cyber skills within education industry, the healthcare and medical industry. He has extensive experience at the executive group level and board level in multiple companies both in Finland and transnationally. He is also an Associate Fellow at Geneva Center for Security Policy, GCSP, and owner of Jalasvirta Group and founding partner of Cyberwatch Finland Oy. Today, he focuses on providing his extensive professional experience in consulting services for the Military, Cyber Security Strategy, Cyber Education, Cyber in Healthcare and Government business segments.