Mr. Norman Ng has participated in the construction of security business since 1995, and he created China Public Security Expo (CPSE) while served as an international director. He founded Asian Anti-Counterfeiting Association as Secretary General in 2005 and built connection for GSIA and the security leader from over 30 countries. In 2010, he announced the establishment of the International Aviation Security Association in Philippines as Secretary General. In 2011, he established Macau International Security Inspection and EOD Technology Association as Executive Supervisor and was elected as the International Secretary General of Asia Pacific Security Association.

With 20-year experience in the international security market, Mr. Norman Ng has devoted his international professional skills to the security industry. In addition, Mr. Norman Ng set up World Drone Federation (WUAVF) as Secretary-General in 2017 and has expanded its membership from various countries.