Shenyang, August 18, 2023 – The Northeast Asia Unmanned Systems Industry Application Development Conference took place at the Shenyang Faku General Aviation Industry Base with great success. Themed “Unmanned Systems: Creating the Future through Intelligence,” the conference brought together esteemed participants who engaged in discussions and dialogues surrounding cutting-edge technological trends in unmanned systems, emerging developments in the unmanned systems industry, as well as regulatory frameworks. This event ushered in fresh perspectives, novel ideas, and innovative momentum for the advancement of drone technology and its industrial applications.

The Northeast Asia Unmanned Systems Industry Application Development Conference not only enriched the knowledge pool but also served as a catalyst for accelerating the practical applications of unmanned systems in diverse industries, thereby solidifying the region’s position at the forefront of this dynamic technological frontier.

The conference witnessed a significant event as the World UAV Federation conducted an appointment ceremony. Mr. YANG Jincai, President of Shenzhen UAV Industry Association, presented Mr. YANG Shuxi, President of Liaoning Aerial Transportation Association, with the appointment letter designating him as the Vice Director of the World UAV Federation’s China division. This appointment highlights international collaboration and Mr. YANG Shuxi’s contributions to the industry, reaffirming the commitment to advancing responsible unmanned systems growth.