I. World UAV Federation (WUAVF) Charter is the basic document of this organization.

The document is defined and structured by the internal rules and the Code of Ethics of WUAVF.

The action of WUAVF must be based on integrity, justice, mutual respect and the principle of serving WUAVF.

The regulation of the WUAVF is as follows: establish the industry standard for UAV industry, promote the development of UAV industry, drive the innovation of UAV technology and products, cooperate with the government’s guidance and management of the industry, protect the legitimate rights and interests of member companies and forge a harmonious order of market competition.

Drone companies and professionals must obey the Code of Ethics which was established by WUAVF. WUAVF organizes the cooperation and mutual assistance between different drone companies and technical professionals.

WUAVF represents, promotes and spreads the knowledge and principles about UAV technology, standard, training, service, management and operation.

II.Tasks and Goals

  1. Mission. WUAVF is an international organization of drone companies and drone professionals, and is committed to promoting the development of drone industry and technology.
  2. The goal. WUAVF has established professional and ethical standards for the development of UAV industry. It provides advice, promotes training, promotes technological development, and raises public awareness of laws through global networks and cooperation projects for drone technology and service activities.

III. Membership

  1. Member. Drone companies, drone professionals, and other individuals or groups that are considered to be useful in advancing the development of the UAV industry are eligible to become members of WUAVF.
    All individuals who up to the membership standard should indicate to WUAVF that they want to join in the membership, and they should accept and obey the Code of Ethics of WUAVF, and complete the membership application form.
  2. The permission of membership. Each international chapter should submit the application form of new members and annual fee to WUAVF Secretariat as soon as possible.

IV. Voting Right

  1. Right. WUAVF enacts a rule on the voting right for Individual members and group members on General Assembly and Executive Committee. During the voting period, the member who presents at the conference can and can only represent one client.
  2. National Committee vote. National committee or international committee have the right to designate five members of the committee (individual members or representatives of designated group members) to vote on behalf of the committee in matters that are submitted to General Assembly for voting.
  3. The affiliated organization vote. An affiliated organization has the right to designate three members (individual members or representatives of designated group members) to vote on behalf of the organization in the matters that are submitted to General Assembly.
  4. Nonvoting members. Sponsoring members and honorary members do not have voting rights in General Assembly.

V. Component

  1. General meeting
  2. Executive Committee ·Chairman ·Vice-chairman ·Secretary-general ·Others(ordinary)
  3. Advisory Committee
  4. National Committee
  5. National Liaison Officer
  6. International Commission
  7. Plenary Session
  8. Regional Organizations
  9. Affiliated Organizations
  10. Secretariat