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National Aviation University, which in September 2018 has celebrated its 85th anniversary, is the largest aviation institution of higher education in Ukraine. In its history has trained tens of thousands of specialists for 122 countries of the world and continues their training and advanced training in promising directions and specialties. Today, 25,000 students are trained at NAU, including 1,300 foreign students from 50 countries of the world.

The University consists of 5 institutes, 10 faculties, Flight Academy, seven colleges, two lyceums, the Center for Air and Space Law, the ICAO Institute (ICAO).

The list of university specialties covers almost all aviation specialties. The university trains future pilots, operators of unmanned aerial vehicles, specialists in ground handling of aircraft and aircraft engines, dispatchers and air traffic control engineers, onboard equipment and avionics specialists, radio electronics, designers of modern airports, airport specialists, aviation traffic managers and logistics, specialists in cyber defense and aviation security, diagnostics of aviation systems, aviation ecologists, economists, lawyers, psycho Scientists, doctors and specialists of other specialties.

The university has created a unique aviation base, which includes a training airfield, a unique aviation hangar, an air navigation training and research laboratory – the laboratory operates in accordance with the standards of the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL) & the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), radio ground and ground for aviation ground-based equipment, simulators and an aerodynamic complex with a unique wind tunnel, which is included in the State Register of Scientific Objects of National Treasure, Training and Production Centre of Unmanned Aviation ” Virazh”, which activity is the activity of which is aimed at the development and industrial batch production of modern competitive unmanned aircraft for its use in the interests of industries.

Volodymyr Isaienko

Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences (2004)

Candidate of Technical Sciences (1985)

Merited Worker of Education of Ukraine, Professor of the Ecology Department of the National Aviation University (2005)

Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Higher School of Ukraine.

Was born on April 16, 1954 in Nemishaevo town, Kyiv region.

In 1971, graduating from Nemishaevo’s secondary school with a golden medal, entered into the Kyiv Technological Institute of Food Industry at the Faculty of Fermentation Processes Technology, where received the qualification of a process engineer.

All his labour activity is directly related to the system of Higher education in Ukraine (except for the period of work as an engineer at the Ichnyansky distillery (1976-1977) and service in the Soviet Army).

Began his work as a senior engineer of the research sector at the Kyiv Technological Institute of the Food Industry (1979-1987), there studied in post-graduate school (1981-1984), where defended his PhD thesis and received a scientific degree the Candidate of Technical Sciences.

More than 10 years (1987-1998) was in the state service, and worked in the central executive authorities in the field of education and science. First, in the Ministry of Higher Educational Institutions of the Ukrainian SSR as an inspector, a chief inspector, and after gaining independence of Ukraine continued to work in the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, where held the post of a chief specialist, a head of the department, a deputy chief of the main board.

He was directly involved in organizing and establishing the licensing and accreditation system of educational institutions of Ukraine, was among the implementers of legal acts’ draft and issues of licensing, certification and accreditation of educational institutions of Ukraine, and was the Coordinator of the international project of TACIS and licensing and accreditation of educational institutions of Ukraine (1996 – 1998).

At the same time he was engaged in teaching and research activities. He studied in doctoral studies (1998-2000).

At the National Aviation University (NAU), where he worked during 8 years (2000–2008), almost passed all the university stages, from an Associate Professor, a Head of the Department of Ecology, a Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Safety, a Director of the Institute of Municipal Economy to Vice-rector.

In 2004 he defended his doctoral thesis “Biologically active substances in anti-parasitic actions in agricultural systems” and received a Doctorate in biological sciences.

In 2005, he was awarded with the title of Professor of the Department of Ecology at the National Aviation University.

Since 2008, at the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, he had been in charge of the work on the organization of a new structural unit of the University, the Institute for Advanced Training and Retraining (IATR). At the same time, since 2009, he worked there as a head of the department for adult education.  Under his leadership during 8 years, the Institute became not only powerful, but also the best structural unit of the largest Pedagogical University in Ukraine.

From March 2014, he was an expert of the UN Development Program in Ukraine on education and science “the Integration of the Rio Convention Statements into the National Policy of Ukraine”.

In September 2016, he was appointed to the post of Interim Rector of the National Aviation University, where he has been currently working.

In 2016, he studied at the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University to obtain the second higher education in Law at the specialty “Science of Law”.

He is an author of more than 200 scientific works, including 3 textbooks, 12 tutorials, 2 monographs, 2 dictionaries, 3 reference books, 10 copyright certificates and patents. His research works are related to environmental audit; ecological safety of GMO application; management education on the basis of sustainable development.

His personal awards are: Award pin “Excellence in Education of Ukraine”; award pin “Petro Mohyla” and the Honorary Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.





Foreign citizens who do not speak the language of training (Ukrainian, English or other ICAO languages) can study it at the preparatory department, in the course of training for one year. Training is conducted in the following areas: engineering, economic, humanitarian, and medical.

During training at the preparatory department, foreign students study languages, history of Ukraine, geography, mathematics, physics, computer science, biology and other disciplines depending on the chosen direction. Students, who have successfully passed the final exams, receive a document (Certificate) at the end of the school year on the end of the preparatory department.


by which the training of specialists at the National Aviation University is carried out to achieve the degrees of Bachelor, Specialist and Master


Faculty of Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace and Rocket-space Engineering

Applied physics and nanomaterials

Air transport (flight training)

Automation and computer-integrated technologies

Electric power engineering, electrical engineering and electro mechanics

Metrology and Information-Measurement Technologies

Power machine building


Faculty of Air navigation, Electronics and Telecommunications

Automation and computer-integrated technologies

Air transport


Micro- and Nano-System Technology


Telecommunications and Radio Engineering


Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Design

Architecture and urban development

Construction and Civil Engineering



Faculty of Cybersecurity, computer and software engineering

Applied Mathematics

Computer Science

Computer engineering

Cyber security

Information system and Technologies

Software Engineering


Faculty of Ecological Safety, Engineering and Technologies

Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Biomedical Engineering

Civil security

Chemical Engineering and Engineering


Geodesy and land management

Telecommunications and Radio Engineering


Faculty of Law



Faculty of International Relations

International economic relations

International law

International relations, public communications and regional studios




Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Accounting and taxation


Entrepreneurship, Commerce trade and Marketplace trading

Finance, banking and insurance



Faculty of Transportation, Management and Logistics

Transport technologies (by air transport)



Faculty of Linguistics and Social Studies

Information, Library and Archival Affairs




Social work


Academic and Research Institute of Continuing Education

Training of specialists of the educational degree master in the direction of “specific categories”;

Preparation for accredited specialties III, IV level of accreditation;

Advanced training, seminars and internships;

Preparation and examination of aviation specialists in accordance with the requirements of Part-66;

Retraining, advanced training of citizens from among the unemployed


Academic and Research Institute of Innovative Education Technologies

Publishing and Printing


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