Malaysia Chapter

World UAV Federation Contact: Datuk Lester
Work Phone: +60166688771
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An NGO registered under the Registrar of Society, Ministry of Home Affairs Malaysia with a vision of creating and innovating Malaysia as an UAV empowered nation. Our association missions are as such:


To improve the economics, safety and welfare of all communities- whether

  1. city, regional, rural, remote or indigenous areas, including rain forests, deserts, and marine environments.
  2. To create expertise in all aviation activities, using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).
  3. To establish a state-of-the-art, world’s highest standard UAV training academy and laboratory.
  4. To work with federal, state and local Governments and their emergency services- police, rescue and lifesaving organizations, fire and ambulance services. MUDA UAV from the oceans and coastal shorelines to jungles and mountains. To be the guardians of our national parks, security coastal and borders, our dams, power and water supplies.


Dato’ Lester is the Founder and President of the Malaysia UAV Developments Association (MUDA). He is the Chairman of the World UAV Federation – Malaysia Chapter, Honorary Secretary of the International UAV Application Industry Alliance, International Secretariat for Asia Pacific UAV Industry Union, and the Honorary Treasurer of the Asia Pacific Security Association (APSA) Malaysia Chapter patronaged by the Malaysia Home Affair Minister. Dato’ Lester is also Director of the Business Development Bureau of Malaysia Security Cooperative Limited. Dato’ Lester oversees liaisons with government, ministries and educational institutions for the promotion of development in UAV applications in border security and geospatial research in Malaysia. Dato’ Lester supervises international collaboration initiatives with the Romania UAS Research Institute, Australia Drone Academy-The Ripper, Taiwan UAS Industry Association, Greece Police Drone Headquarter,