Jonathan Evans is the Co-founder and Head of Innovation of Skyward, a Verizon Company.

As a well-established and category-creating drone operations platform for the enterprise, Skyward was acquired by Verizon in February of 2017 and is now leading the industry into the exciting new era of the connected drone and networked fleet deployments of autonomous aerial robots.

Jonathan was a professional aviator for 18 years, serving as a UH60 Blackhawk pilot in the U.S. Army, as well as a network administrator during a time when the Army was entering the Information Age and establishing its first secure networks for Internet and email.

As a civilian, he’s continued to serve in the air as a LifeFlight medevac pilot and now as a successful entrepreneur, technologist, and standard-bearer for global interoperability as founding President of the
Global UTM Association.

For Jonathan, drones represent the convergence of his two greatest professional passions: computer science and aviation, and he is honored to be part of sculpting this new technological era.