Mr. Yang Jincai, Chairman of the World UAV Federation, recently met with Mr. Fahad Al Qahtani, director of the organizing committee of the Saudi UAV Exhibition. The meeting aimed to strengthen international cooperation and exchanges in the UAV field and explore new opportunities for future development.

During the meeting, Chairman Yang emphasized the commitment of the World UAV Federation to promote the development and cooperation of the global UAV industry and expressed great anticipation for the participation in the Arabia AI and Drone Exhibition and Forum(SAADEF). We are extremely honored to accept the invitation from the SAADEF organizers and will be leading a delegation of Chinese drone companies to participate in this important event, along with the core members of our federation.

Exhibition name:Saudi Arabia AI and Drone Exhibition and Forum (SAADEF)
Exhibition time: November 4th – 6th, 2024
Organizer: Digital Image Co.
Strategic partner:Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture of Saudi Arabia (MEWA)
Official website:
Exhibition location:The Arena, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabia AI and Drone Exhibition and Forum (SAADEF) is the first platform in the region specialized in the drone ecosystem, to exchange drone ideas and solutions. SAADEF, adopted by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture of Saudi Arabia (MEWA), is a platform where drone and related solution companies can showcase their products and use cases, and participate in the booming economic sectors of Saudi Arabia, such as agriculture, construction, mining and quarrying (including oil and gas), manufacturing, transportation and logistics, which are in demand of drone solutions for more efficient operation and faster growth. SAADEF will engage various stakeholders in the ecosystem, including suppliers, buyers, regulators, service providers, financiers, etc. through concurrent events during the exhibition; the aim is to increase awareness of the technology and support the adoption of drone and AI solutions in the Kingdom through concerted efforts.

Saudi Arabia Economy
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the G20 countries and ranked No. 9, alongside with that, it is considered the No. 1 growing economy in 2023. Saudi Arabia has a combination of mid- and long-term plans covering almost every sector such as infrastructure, environment, mining, agriculture, logistics, etc.; digital transformation is a core factor taking place in the mentioned sectors. Saudi Vision 2030 is moving ahead towards achieving its goals in stable steps, with many mega projects and initiatives, such as Neom, The Line, Red Sea Project, New Murabba, Amala, Qiddiya, Saudi Green Initiative, under implementation to realize the Vision 2030 targets.

‘Vision 2030’ Target

Exhibition Content
UAV, AI and robot-related industry supply chain, service providers, support and solutions,product use and after-sales supporting services, software and hardware education and training personnel. It can be used in agriculture, water conservancy, construction, mining, oil and gas, environmental monitoring, etc.

Professional audience

  • Inviting candidates from agriculture, archaeological research sector, climate monitoring, drone pilot academy, energy and utility industry, event and wedding planners, film and production, logistics and transportation, mining, oil and gas, search and rescue, etc. and related area.
  • Invite CEOs, general managers, consultants, engineers, purchasing directors, commercial directors, purchasing directors, investment directors, transportation and logistics department heads, etc. from the product demand department.

We sincerely invite colleagues from the global UAV industry to actively participate in the Saudi Arabia AI and Drone Exhibition and Forum (SAADEF), share the latest achievements and development trends of the industry, promote international exchanges and cooperation in the UAV industry, jointly promote the development and application of UAV technology, and contribute to building a safer, smarter, and more sustainable future.

The World UAV Federation looks forward to meeting you at the Saudi Arabia AI and Drone Exhibition and Forum!