On April 21, a group of WUAVF, led by Chairman Yang visited Beijing for a meeting, coordinated with Ms. Laura Li, Deputy Director of China Association of Trade in Service( CATIS). There were up to 12 representatives from different embassies in Italy, India, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Namibia, Cameroon, France, Philippines and Mexico attending the event.

During the meeting, Chairman Yang delivered an opening speech to give a brief introduction of World UAV Federation and talk about the development of China drone industry. In the Q&A part after his speech, there came some queries from different embassies regarding drone application and regulation in China. Mr. Yang present that drone can work in all walks of life, ranging from agriculture, power line inspection to firefighting and logistics.

A question by the representative from Indian Embassy, stating that in the future, will unemployment occur in that drones play an increasing role in our life and even replace human beings? Chairman Yang answered that drones as well as various technologies, will facilitate people’s life and be treasured in this world. However, they will not lead people at risk of out of employment. Set an example of logistics UAVs. Delivering different stuff needs delivery men while drone deliver needs pilots for controlling so that delivery men will become drone delivery men. That is to say, instead of unemployment, it is more proper to describe as ‘trans-employment’.

Ms. Laura Li, Deputy Director of CATIS
Mr. Robbin Bishoen, International Consultant of WUAVF
Rear Admiral Petrus NDESIMONA TJANDJA, Defence Attaché, Embassy of the Republic of Namibia

With the meeting coming to an end, Chairman Yang invites all the guests to attend the 7th Drone World Congress, held from June 2-4 in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center.

Chairman Yang, World UAV Federation